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instantly on your mac

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GroovyPoint is a short cut powered tool which provides a clean and neat presentation of a Groovy code execution.


Run the Groovy code on your Mac.

Present your Groovy examples.

Educate the others and yourself.


Adjust font size

Increase or decrease a font size easily during a presentation


Dark or light

Make your choice and select a dark or light screen mode


Easy navigation

A quick and smooth navigation in your Groovy files

How does it work?

GroovyPoint enables you to develop Groovy scripts and store them on your Mac.

You can link println with output so you can easily track what has been printed by a specific line of your code.

Present your code with GroovyPoint

The attatched table shows the shortcuts that help you handle the application fast and easy.

GroovyPoint is here to help you out presenting your code. You can adjust the font size, change the background color and manipulate your code easily.

All you need is to follow these three steps:

  1. download the app from the App Store
  2. Create a directory on your folder and store scripts
  3. Open that directory or a file and use the shortcuts.

GroovyPoint is here for develepers who want to present their code and share their knowledge with other members of the community. This could be the way how to educate yourself and your audience.

GroovyPoint was developed by Ondrej Kvasnovsky @okvasnovsky (California based IT engineer) and was released in September 2015. It si compatible with OS X 10.7.4 or later, 64-bit processor.

Action Shortcut
Create new file Cmd+N
Open a file Cmd+O
Open all files in a folder Cmd+Shift+O
Save currently opened file Cmd+S
Save currently opened file with other name Cmd+Shift+S
Undo changes Cmd+Z
Redo changes Cmd+Shift+Z
Remove a line Cmd+D
Turn on/off line wrapping Cmd+W
Turn on/off reactive mode Cmd+R
Turn on/off println linking Cmd+L
Switch between dark and light mode Cmd+
Increase font size Cmd++
Decrease font size Cmd+-
Reset font size to default Cmd+0
Execute code Cmd+Enter
Navigate to file a previous file in a folder Cmd+[
Navigate to file a next file in a folder Cmd+]